The Role of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart in Education

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The Role of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart in Education

Chinua Achebe is a famous Nigerian writer whose name is popular in the literature spheres. He wrote an amazing novel in 1958, “Things fall Apart” and published it a year after completing writing it. The context of the novel was set in earlier days of 1890 portraying a struggle between the traditional culture of the Nigerians particularly the Igbo and the while European government. The novel was highly seen as a response to “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad. Achebe in this book attempted to give the audience a better and comprehensive understanding of the African culture and in so doing represented the oppressed and understated subjects of the European colonial masters. Some of the themes that are evidently clear in the book include the varying understandings of masculinity, the fight between tradition and change and dialect as a major symbol of cultural variance. The major characters in his book are Okonkwo, Nwoye, Ezinma, and Mr. Brown.

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Through his marvelous work in this book, Things Fall Apart, Achebe became one of the most renowned African writers. The author is highly considered as a great pillar to literature.  His book getting high recognition and approvals as class set book for many education syllabuses globally. The novel provides the right kind literal devices and skills that students need to learn in literature. The book has done well in its efforts to nurture critical reading, expansion of the student’s worldviews as well t inculcating valuable skills in English writing.term papers help Literature has been given a central role in education since it highly contributes to the overall learning growth of the students. Things fall apart has performed a great role in education, since learning should be more than just conveyance of knowledge; it should be also about nurturing the right cognition skills and a comprehension of the world that we live in. The book has provided a good example of how stories play a central role in the human race, the book goes on to show how cultures are founded on stories which form histories, fables, folklores, religion, mythologies etc.  The book has proved that if the student fraternity is to get involved and appreciate the cultural background they come from, they should be taught the stories which the culture is built upon.

Things fall apart is arguably the most widely read book and popular by that nature in African literature circles. While the book was initially written in English, there have been over 50 versions of the book in different languages. The only reason for such wide translations is because the book was written perfectly incorporating what many teachers would want to teach their students. The book is a unique thought inciting fictional masterwork with Chinua Achebe’s primary goal to provide western literature audience a flourishing, dynamic African society. Many literature works at that time that focused on Africa demonstrated it as a primitive wild section of the earth that was totally different from the other areas. Achebe through this wonderful book worked hard to change all this. His book continues to be used widely and especially in Africa literature classes.